How to choose an ISO 9001 consultant in Malta

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ISO 9001 Certification in Malta makes your organization implementing ISO 9001 certification in Malta, but it lacks the internal skills to complete the project, but likely course of action may be is to provide the services of the consultant. Consultants can come in all sizes and shapes, while the happiest choice is the one who meets the best your specific needs. You might also be thinking like: “How do we even know what our needs are?” This article will provide you some guidance on how a decision can be made in the possible best ways for your organization. The answers to the following questions will help you get there.


What’s the price tag?

In ISO 9001 Certification consultants in Malta will be a key consideration for most organizations. So, if consultant A quotes 50% of consultant B, does that mean you should always pick A? But most of us will agree that the answer is which is “Not necessarily,” because we all know that there are many cheaper options that sometimes can be turned out to be a costly letdown and also sending us back to the drawing board. But since resources are always limited, we do have to operate within the budget that confines. The price decision must make and follow within the context of the considerations followed.


What business are you in?

As we know ISO 9001 Implementation in Malta is about process management, we know consultant should have a good understanding of the processes done by your business to your build an effective system. Incoming consultants will always start by giving some knowledge themselves for your business processes. For this reason, a consultant that has experience in your industry is a better choice. The one starting that with zero knowledge will have a steeper learning curve, and it will most likely be on your time.

Take note that industry knowledge can also be worth from previous consulting or auditing experience.


How long has the consultant been doing this?

ISO 9001 Consultancy in Malta is a consultant which has ten years of experience is more to be very familiar with how to implement ISO 9001 Implementation in Malta and also all the steps involved in the certification process. This means that the easiest and shortest possible implementation for the time you have spent and also to find fewer costly mistakes. This experienced consultant in Malta is an industry outsider is way better than a new organization who has worked in your industry. This is because there are many values in knowing the purpose of implementation and certification steps and how to avoid the drawbacks. As we said, the younger new organization is likely to be practical knowledge with new concepts, such as ways of managing documentation in the age of digitization. It’s a delicate balance.

A case in point: We have once encountered that an organization that had been preparing here was a thing for certification for ISO for several years under the guidance of a consultant. (This timeline alone was a red flag!) During this time the standard was revised to the next version. (ISO standards is made to subject to revise every 8 years or more. When a new revision was issued, the transition period was set during which the old standard remains valid and auditable. After that it becomes obsolete.) They continued towards the battle of certification to the old standard, with the few intentions of transitioning to the new standard. They also did this even at the end of the transition period approached. All these things were the advice of the consultant in ISO 9001 Services in Malta who had no competency with the new standard and needed to buy on time.


How to get ISO 9001 Consultant in Malta?

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