Obtain FFXIV Gil Strategy for Suite Konnections Members

Suite Konnections Members, if you play ffxiv and want to get more gil, you can use the following guide.

Suite Konnections Members, if you play ffxiv and want to get more gil, you can use the following guide.

If you are a player with less than zero interest in level practice, please unlock them and practice them to complete several professional tasks at least. They reward a lot of pieces. I recently played a new role and thought about improving the level of craftsmanship, but I didn't want to do it again, so I gave up when they were 25 years old. There are thousands of pieces in my inventory, which can be sold on the server at 80-120 FFXIV Gil each, and all of them can be sold, and some materials I carefully made in the process made me obtain more than a million Gil value.

If you do want to upgrade the manual course later, please do not try to do so, you will need as many segments as possible.


A and s level sb hunting

Fixed quick venture capital (proceeds from MB sale)

Do you have any unnecessary equipment / mats? Don't sell to the vendor right now, try selling in MB first. Don't emphasize its advantages enough. Don't make the common mistake of selling everything to NPC suppliers

Hand in all gears of higher than normal quality that you don't want to buy

Spend seal on enterprise, prism, etc. Some things sell well on MB

Kingda is overused, but there are many. Please use it carefully. Don't buy things you don't need, you can make some effort

From the beginning - selling things allows you to use MB yourself and / or effortlessly. Master the lazy development chain

Create multiple task items for your artisan task and sell spare parts on MB

Just play the game the way you really like it. gil comes in many ways, and as long as you throw them away from time to time, you will move on.

One is to play a market role. Track price movements, buy at a low price, and sell at a high price, as in stock market trading.


-The most time-consuming (but most stable) is simply choosing a collector (any one of them can do it) and flattening them to grind and sell mats. If you make them by hand like mining all the ore, you can increase the profit margin of the ore, and then forge them into gold blocks and gold blocks for sale. But the profit margin is not that big all the time.

-If you don't want to be a stockbroker or an acrobat, the next best thing is to kill something (obviously, ha ha, but you can kill it very well. For example, on my server, I can easily earn about 700000 Gil - 1.4 in a day to complete the hunting task, and can change the broken star cluster into level 6 materials, which can be sold a lot.

If you can enter the link shell and follow the hunting train (about 30 minutes of work takes an hour to kill 12 bloodhounds). Then you have the opportunity to get a broken cluster from everyone and for centuries, where you can buy additional material suppliers in the range of rhalgrs.

You can also kill mobas with random skin, but this is not always a good time, nor can you use Khloe's weekly diary to farm dungeons, which can make your slaves, supplies and armor worth millions.