Tips to Care for Plastic Rattan Furniture

Start the season right by inviting friends and family over to celebrate the warmer weather—and your sparkling clean outdoor Garden Lounge Set

Start the season right by inviting friends and family over to celebrate the warmer weather—and your sparkling clean outdoor Garden Lounge Set ! With this new, almost life-changing tool and whatever cleansers you have on hand, washing your patio furniture has never been so easy.

Keep your rattan clean

The best way to keep your wicker looking nice for years is to clean it regularly with a trusted wood cleaning product, like TriNova® Wood Cleaner. Dust and dirt will likely appear on the surface over time, and if you don’t clean it off fast, it may be pushed into the crevices of the material. Luckily, wicker is easy to clean. You can start by vacuuming your furniture or rug, as this should quickly get rid of any dirt and dust stuck in it.

If vacuuming doesn’t remove all the dust or dirt, you can wipe down your wicker furniture or rug with a wet sponge that has soap on it. Then rinse it off gently with a hose, and allow it to dry outside for a couple of days. Just make sure it’s fully dry before you use it again, because sitting or stepping on wet wicker can damage it. Also, note that if your wicker furniture is made of any type of paper or grass materials, avoid using the hose on it. You can gently wipe it down with TriNova Wood Cleaner instead.

Protect Wicker from the Rays of the Sun

While wicker stands up to the outdoor elements, protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun can extend its life. The sun can fade and dry out wicker over time. Colorful pillows and padded cushions are decorative way to protect the visible surfaces of your wicker furniture. Some cushions are specially made to resist the sun to minimize fading. Consider having two or three sets of cushions to change the look of your wicker furniture. An alternative set can also be used when you are cleaning the other set of cushions and pillows.

Get Rid of Spills Immediately

Typically wicker furniture is found in places where people entertain such as poolside decks and outdoor living spaces. The ongoing traffic often means spills and icky messes are inevitable. Don’t let them sit around on your wicker furniture. Use a soft, clean cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to clean them up. A mild dish detergent works well to get rid of spills and stains.

Completely Clean Your Wicker Furniture Every Six Months

Vacuuming and getting rid of spills are only two of the ways to extend the life of your wicker furniture. Even when you clean wicker each month, dirt can get embedded on the surface of wicker pieces. Get a bucket of mild, soapy water and a cleaning brush to scrub the surface of wicker furniture. Rinse it with your garden hose to get rid of the soap and loosened dirt. It is important to ensure the furniture is completely dry to avoid the development of mildew or mold. This is one time when you want to expose your wicker furniture to the direct sun so it dries quickly.

Resurface Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture has been known to last for up to fifty or even one hundred years. Quality wicker pieces are often passed on to future generations. One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your wicker furnishings is to apply a coat of polyurethane or varnish. This should be done every decade to ensure your wicker pieces are in excellent condition in the future.

These are just a few simple steps in caring for your Plastic Rattan Set . If followed correctly, these can help you to protect your rattan and ensure that it stays in great shape for a long time, you can click to learn more, Insharefurniture is an ideal choice for your garden, home and office.