Play RuneScape on Steam

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RuneScape is an older, freemium game that will be a hit in 2020. After releasing several versions on Steam, it has attracted a lot of players. According to Jagex, 2020 is the year when the number of players they have online will peak, and they are glad that this experiment has had unexpected results.

The result is that Steam has become a platform that many players are willing to play on rather than download a game from a website, even if it is already well-known. Of course, a lot of players have migrated, because it's easy to connect to existing accounts on Steam. All your progress will be ported and you'll get all the cool new features as you play through the new client.

To attract players, there are also three membership packs on Steam. After all, many skills, gameplay, and missions on Gielinor require membership. Those three memberships are enough to entice players.

$14.99 Starter Pack: One-month membership, 15 Treasure Hunter Keys, Forge Goblin War Hammer.

$39.99 standard set: Three-month membership, 50 Treasure Hunter Keys, Forge Goblin Outfit, RuneScape Soundtrack: The Orchestral Collection.

$129.99 Max Pack: 12-month membership, 75 Treasure Hunter Keys, Forge Goblin Outfit, Forge Goblin Mechanical Frog pet, Forge Goblin War Hammer, 2 Cosmetic Tokens, 50 Extra Bank Spaces, Extra Daily Key, RuneScape Soundtrack: The Orchestral Collection.

Of course, many free-to-play missions are still available. You can learn popular skills such as mining, fishing, and Smithing, as well as new archaeology.

The other thing RuneScape has added is badges. If you have the time, you can definitely play RuneScape on Steam, the free stuff is great, the paid stuff is great. You can also get a Steam trade card for the game, synthesize nice badges, and get your own emoticons and background pictures. This is a great bonus for fans of Steam Level Up.

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