Dreams Work-Write the Vision

How to take advantage of your dreams.

Hi, allow me to share with you, that you dream for a reason. Some are weird, some are scary, and some are outright confusing. But little do you know is that you can make and govern your dreams by what you are preoccupied with throughout the day. This is why you should use this to your advantage. Start working on something meaningful. Whether it is a goal, project, story, book, whatever. Make it that burden that's been on your heart for years. This is the key, once you start something "significant" in your life, your thoughts and even your dreams will work to produce answers and improvements to what you have burdened yourself to do. Don't do negative, for it will produce the same, so keep it positive. But get this, those dreams will produce more related dreams, giving birth to more thoughts and ideas. This will in turn create in you a magnitude of productivity, pertaining not only to your current endeavor, but new and different projects will emerge. This is what I mean by using your dreams and thoughts to your advantage. Without something to do, your dreams will be about la dee da  or connected to feelings and emotions, because there is no work. So whether it is great or small, your mind, thoughts and dreams will go to work. They're waiting, so envision no small dream. "Write the vision and make it plain so that he may run that readeth it(that he could very well be you, mind, body and spirit)". Start something great and significant and your thoughts and dreams will follow.

Thank You, have a good day.