New expansion area of ??World of Warcraft is more popular

New expansion area of ??World of Warcraft is more popular

Any World of Warcraft fan knows that attracting new friends to join World of Warcraft is not an easy task, mainly because World of Warcraft has been developed for 16 years, and the story plot is becoming more and more complicated. If you want to pass the customs, you need to go through level 120 Many players no longer accept so many game levels, so they gave up. To this end, Blizzard is about to carry out its eighth major expansion, launching a new expansion Shadowlands, this expansion will make major changes to the Vanilla WOW Gold game level.

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We first tested the Shadowlands alpha starting area, called "Exile's Reach", and invited some new players for their first World of Warcraft journey. The results show that the new expansion is more popular than the beginning of World of Warcraft It is gratifying. If this test is successful, the new extension will take effect. All new players must start from this mission area. Old players can re-create the character and choose to join or exit if they want to experience the new extension.

My new character, the wizard, starts with the Alliance spaceship. At this time, a tutorial image will pop up to teach me how to use WASD. This is actually a very basic operation for the old players. Afterwards, I clicked on some trained puppets with lightning and kicked off on the deck. As a result, I was attacked and we were sunk.

When I woke up, I was lying on the beach with many wounded Union soldiers. At this time, the system quickly reminded me to pick up the bandage to interact with the injured member. This method allows the members to stand up again and follow the prompts to start the game again. I moved forward with other members and accepted a variety of new missions. This expanded number of new missions made me feel very satisfied. Then we defeated new enemies, searched for items that can be purchased from the enemies, and The interaction of objects around the world, eventually we use the vehicle to quickly split the enemy team. At the end of Exile ’s Reach, I crossed into a mini dungeon and paired it with NPC tanks and therapists. This game process is similar to running an ordinary dungeon, at this time we need to face two bosses and some trash enemies.

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As an experienced game fan, Exile ’s Reach is fascinating. I am always led to new directions and new explorations by its interesting tutorials, and the newly expanded game scene is very exciting.

To actually test the functionality of this new tutorial, I asked my wife, a person who had never been in contact with World of Warcraft, to sit down and try World of Warcraft. I sat quietly behind her and watched her operate the game, deliberately not making suggestions as she moved forward. The learning process was very smooth. I watched her learn skills, complete tasks and equip new loot like any ordinary player. Compared with the competition before I let her participate in "Battle of Azeroth", if I did not guide her at that time, it would be almost impossible for her to immediately withdraw from the ancient World of Warcraft Classic Gold battle.

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