All information about Scry in The Elder Scrolls Online

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Players who have been playing in the game world of The Elder Scrolls Online for a long time should know what role the Scrying world skills are playing now. This is a practical function that allows players to obtain huge rewards and explore treasures, so it is also very exciting for players. The development team added it to the game as early as May last year, but many players did not understand it and missed many opportunities to Buy ESO Gold and rare items. For the Elder Scrolls online series, this is an interesting and novel idea that allows players to perform other operations besides killing or completing tasks. It is essentially a new style of mini-games, involving advanced thinking, keen eyesight and great patience.

First of all, players need to understand what the concept of Scry is. It is a way to get a lot of gold, treasures, and some very unique items. To put it simply, scrying is when the player uses a lead they find from treasure chests, world bosses, public dungeons, and many other more random places. It allows the player to enjoy exploring ESO Gold and get some quick easy cash, and have fun doing it. Ultimately scrying is a mini-game designed for when the players get bored of dungeons, quests, and fighting. It’s also pretty addictive.

The player cannot begin until he has completed the search for the search equipment. To find this quest, go to the Antiques Headquarters in Solitude. The quest isn’t overly challenging and serves more than a tutorial than a full-fledged mission. When it’s done, go to the diary and click the “Scrying” tab. This will display all of the leads they currently have. Then the player can click on the leash and start scrying. However, it is only possible to scry green leads up to level 3.

Players can also go to the community to learn more about Scry. As long as they can make good use of this feature, they can earn unimaginable wealth. Before that, they had better buy more ESO Gold when they went to hunt for treasure, which would help them a lot. I wish the players a smooth journey.