Also you may either spend this on updating your player

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In NBA 2K19, 2K introduced NBA 2K MT Coins concepts into the game. In NBA 2K20, the addition was enlarged, and in NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles, it is going to get larger. For the first time in NBA 2K history, gamers will be able to create feminine MyPlayers, compete online with them, and run a true WNBA franchise mode. The capacity to produce a female MyPlayer has been one of the more requested features amongst the 2K community--notably from the women who play the game and have longed for a way to make themselves at 2K.

NBA 2K21 Adds Tons Of WNBA-Related Features For Next-Gen

Consumers will be tasked with building their participant's fame, brand, characteristics, and the global appeal of the WNBA. On the way, your MyPlayer will make MyPoints. The press release which was supplied to me did not have some references to virtual money, so it's unclear if this will be part of an option for you to build your attributes and badges. Speaking of those additional layers of updates, when you pick your archetype, you are going to choose your secondary and primary takeover, which will work the exact same way it does in the next-gen variant of Buy MT 2K21 on the men's side. It is also possible to select off-the-court tasks that work toward rounding out the expertise and incorporating more MyPoints.