What are the items in the Steam Points Store?

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The Steam Points Store is a new feature store on Steam. There are many things in the store, rich and beautiful.

The first column is introduction and personalized needs

First introduced how Steam points work. Players can earn points by spending on Steam. One dollar can get 100 points. Points can be used to redeem items and make community rewards. Then introduced some special items. New items, product bundles, popular products, and other special products. Then it's about the game-related items you own. The detailed introduction of the item bundle and the explanation of the community award, the FAQ is at the end of this column.

The second column is the items that will be used in the Steam profile interface.

Including animated avatars and all avatar frames. Then there are personal information backgrounds, divided into three types: static, dynamic, and mini. Then there is the seasonal badge, which looks good and can contain a lot of Steam XP. Players can redeem badges for Steam Level Up. Then there is a Seasonal Profile, which is a well-designed complete design, the content is very seasonal and very beautiful. Unfortunately, it is very expensive, 5000 points are equal to 50 US dollars, can only be used for 30 days, there is no permanent option. Finally, there are a lot of things that players want to upgrade to Steam. Players don't need to upgrade to level 10 to get them now, and the points can be exchanged for the information showcase.

The third column is for items used for Steam communication

In the end, it is true that their design and practicality are not so great. Animated stickers, Chat Effects, and Emoticons are all things that are not so practical. After all, using them requires a special environment to have sufficient effects. Although there are many good designs, it still seems not as cost-effective as other columns. I hope Steam can release some emoticons of the same type. Many items in a bag can promote consumption.

The launch of the Steam Points Store allows players to become more inclined to Buy Steam Level Up. The traditional way of collecting cards to synthesize badges will be eliminated by the point shop. There are more and better items in the shop, including all the items that can be obtained from crafting badges. But it also lets players know to put their energy into the Steam community.