There are many things about improving franchise in Madden 22

According to the information leaked on the Internet, EA may release Madden 22 in August this year.

According to the information leaked on the Internet, EA may release Madden 22 in August this year. They announced they will bring 16 changes to the current franchise to promote the progress of the Madden series and enhance the players’ love of the game itself, which has also been cheered by the players. In the past, players always did not get the perfect entertainment experience because of the bad franchise and also spent many Madden 21 Coins so that #FixMaddenFranchise became a hot topic throughout the summer. So far, it has gained so much momentum that EA promised to repair the franchise model in Madden 22. The vehement protest against Madden 21 just made it more obvious that the game needs to be changed, and quickly.

The first change worth paying attention to is Customizable Relocation. Relocating teams is an interesting aspect of the Madden franchise. However, every year players will choose between the same name and logo. Sorry to all fans of the London monarch, but the franchise model will be even more cool with customizable relocation details. Its appearance is bound to give players more freedom in team building, and it can also rejuvenate teams that have long since retired.

Expanded Trading can add some much-needed realism to transactions, and can allow large-scale transactions to become more and more common in the NFL. In doing this, Madden should also allow us to trade Cheap Madden 21 Coins in the next year or more. If NFL teams can do it, why can’t Madden’s franchise manager?

Realistic Contract Restructures/Extensions is a hard problem in creating salary space. Contracts reorganized or expanded in the NFL, and Madden franchisees must manually edit the contract amount/duration. Although players can choose to renew their contracts for certain players during the season, they should take precautions in advance. As for which players are eligible to use these extra features, it is necessary to set certain MUT Coins on eligible players based on the contract period or game experience.

Advanced Scouting under the franchise has been pretty unremarkable. The possibilities of advanced detection indicators are endless. For anyone who likes the basics, they should have the freedom to enjoy free switching options. And as the Madden series progresses, players should also go to GameMS to buy Cheap Madden 22 Coins earlier. Hold on!