Getting To Know Your Profile On Suite Konnections

Learn how to use and update your profile on Suite Konnections

Today we are going to talk about your profile, and how to get the most out of your Konnections.  From your profile page you can click the edit button OR click the green gear icon in your left functions sidebar.  Once you have clicked edit you will see this:


Let's go through these step by step. 

  1. General: Here you will edit general information.  Username, email, gender, etc.
  2. Profile: Here is where you can get personal!  Add in some info, let people know more about you and share what you want.  No pressure!  lol    coolwinksealedcool
  3. Privacy: Now this is where it gets serious.  Choose how much you share and with whom. 
  4. Password:  This one is easy!  If you want to change your password you do it here. :)
  5. Social Links: Want to share your other social platforms?   Just put your USERNAME in the space provided and a link will be added to your profile.  Your username will be after the / on the social platform you are sharing ie:  All you have to put in is the info after the /
  6. Avatar & Cover: This is where you change your avatar/profile picture and your cover image. 
  7. Design: This is where we get ORIGINAL!  Add your own image and make the background of your profile uniquely yours! 
  8. Blocked Users:  Here is where you will find any user you have blocked from your profile and posts.  This gives you an option to unblock them if you have a change of heart OR to just admire your list of haters. 
  9. Email Notification:  Here is where you decide what you will get notifications for in your email.  Hate getting emals uncheck them all!  Want to know everything everyone is doing as it happens click them all!  Or simply choose what you want to get notifications for and make it all your own!
  10. Delete Account:  This one is pretty self explanatory, but DON'T DO IT!  lol, Just kidding. If you have to do it we will understand. cry

We have added in a lot of ways to make Suite Konnections your very own!  From custom background images to custom privacy settings, to custom notifications, we want to make this your personal webestate!