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The display will then fade into black, along with RuneScape gold a long cut-scene will start. You, along with Veldaban, will be around a commorb, taking notes about the meeting. The major idea of the alliance they are forming is to ensure Hreidmar will possess H.A.M, the gnomes of Arposandra (which are described as"excellent skilled warriors trained in the arts of early battle"), the forces of Lucien, and the Temple Knights to make Keldagrim his own.

Sigmund and the Lords of Arposandras will concur, as long as the"chaos dwarves" (which will arouse yet another flashback from you of a specific ogre shaman drugging you) will help them destroy the goblin race and overthrow the Grand Tree respectively. The Temple Knights will join the alliance as long as"Hreidmar will be there when they want him." The scout from Lucien is going to be unsure, and will offer his word at a subsequent date.

The assembly finishes, together with all the scout from Lucien disappearing in a cloud of dust, Sigmund breaking a teleport tab, and the Lords of Arposandra chanting a lengthy incantation. You see the individual from the Temple Knights slip a teleorb into one of those Lords of Arposandra's robes, and he then walks out of the doorway. Veldaban will then give you a teleorb, also orders you to prepare for anything which Buy RS gold may occur to you while at Arposandra. Once you do that, split the teleorb, and you will end up in a little room. Ah-haha, so that Temple Knight really was a spy. You look to another side of this space, and you see three gnomes on warped terrorbirds. If we keep him here? Are you mad? Glouphrie does not want a human here, he might learn too much. What should we do with him? We must kill him. We can study that odd armor he's wearing. (Note: Assuming you're smart enough to attract armor). GUARDS! What is it, my lord? Please dispose of the....creature. As you desire.