How to get rid of all those cockroaches in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The fact that cockroaches can easily infiltrate the home is something we all despise, whether in the real world or in videogames

The fact that cockroaches can easily infiltrate the home is something we all despise, whether in the real world or in videogames.  The player's Happy Home Academy score will be significantly reduced as a result of these items.  They will make your game character appear unwell.

Cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate, and the only way to eliminate the problem is to kill the cockroaches in question.  In contrast to real-life cockroaches, cockroaches in video games are less destructive.  Neither the furniture nor the structure of the house will be harmed, nor will the protagonist become sick or bitten.

The most common strategy for eliminating cockroaches in Animals across new horizons is to chase them around and squash them.  Cockroaches simply walked or ran past you without saying anything.  The effectiveness of this method is dependent on whether there are excessive numbers of cockroaches present.  In order to complete missions in the game, players will need a large number of Animal Crossing Items, and they will also receive generous rewards for their efforts.




Catching cockroaches can be difficult when there are a large number of cockroaches present or when the location is difficult to find.  As a result of their speed and ability to hide under furniture, these bugs force players to move furniture or wait for the bugs to hide.

In order to ensure that all cockroaches are killed, players must check the underside of every piece of furniture in the house, either by moving or storing the furniture.  In order to get rid of cockroaches, there is a more effective strategy that not only saves time but is also extremely effective.

The design mode makes it much easier to simply stack large pieces of furniture on top of bed bugs rather than moving large pieces of furniture and squashing the bed bugs.  A player can pick up any furniture by pressing the down arrow to enter the design mode, then hold it in the air by pressing A to place it on any cockroaches that have appeared on the ground.  In comparison to players, furniture takes up more room.  This also aids in the elimination of cockroaches' potential hiding spots.  It is possible to effectively remove multiple cockroaches with a minimum amount of effort if the player follows this method.

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