How To Unlock Badges In NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 will have new badges in addition to those found in previous year's game

NBA 2K22 will have new badges in addition to those found in previous year's game. There will be a total of 80 badges in NBA 2K22, providing players new opportunities to customize their MyPlayer and apply new skills on the court. When you click on each individual badge, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the badges, takeover perks, and how to unlock badges in NBA 2K22, as well as a breakdown of tips, info, and more.

Learn how to unlock badges by following these steps.
Finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense/rebounding are the categories in which the badges are arranged. Badges are unlocked by accumulating badge points in each skill through your in-game performance in the skill that you are attempting to unlocked. Points for Playmaking are accrued when assists are received; steals and blocks are accrued when defensive rebounds are obtained; and so on and so forth. Following the achievement of a certain number of badge points for a particular skill, you will be able to select one of the badges associated with that skill.

There are a total of 80 badges, and all of them are identical between the current/last-generation and the next-generation versions. It has been significantly increased for NBA 2K22 in terms of the number of badge points that can be used for your MyPLAYER account. Another new feature is Badge Loadouts, which allow you to quickly and easily switch between the badges you currently have equipped. The complete NBA 2K22 Badges breakdown and analysis can be found by selecting any of the individual badges. A list of the best builds for each badge, badge tips explaining the differences between badges, badge information, and other resources are included.

Getting Started in NBA 2K22
Essentially, takeovers in NBA 2K22 are temporary power boosts that become active once your player gets hot. They can be selected and equipped as Primary and Secondary abilities when creating your MyPLAYER in this game. With the addition of Takeover Perks, players will be able to spend 2k22 mt customize how long their Takeovers will last, how quickly the meter will fill up, and other aspects of their gameplay.
The Takeover List ADVANCED GATHERS – Unlocks more powerful spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers.
Finishing moves that are capable of taking in contact and finishing at the rim.
ADVANCED BLOWBYS – Increases the ability of slashers to outmuscle defenders off the dribble with relative ease.
ADVANCED PULL-UP PRECISION – Increases the effectiveness of well-timed and well-aimed shots off the dribble.
More ankle breakers off of spin jumpers and stepback jumpers are included in this set of shots.
The negative impact of pull-ups and other skill shots is lessened as a result of this effect.
INFINITE RANGE – Extends your shooting range all the way to the logos.
Predictability of stationary jump shots when they are well timed and aimed.
ADVANCED TEAM RATINGS – Playmakers increase the offensive ratings of their teammates.
BOOSTER YOUR COLLABORATORS' TAKEOVER METERS – Increase the progress of your teammates' takeover meters.
THE TEAM BADGE BOOST – This skill raises the tier of your teammates' badges.
LOCKS WITH EXTREME CLAMPS – Additional stone wall and lost dribble body-up resolutions for locks

Badge Guide for the NBA 2K22 game.
DESPITE DEFENSIVES FROM THE SIDE, THE BLINDER becomes unconcerned. Those who take jump shots with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will be penalized less harshly.
A jump shot is more likely to be made immediately after a catch when you use the CATCH AND SHOOT technique (see below). The receiver's outside shooting abilities receive a significant boost for a brief period of time after receiving a pass.
Off-the-dribble three point shots have more range when using CHEF*.
CIRCUS THREES – Boosts to stepback threes in the cirque du Soleil fashion. Taking stepback threes off the dribble now gets a slight boost.
SHOOTER IN CLUTCH MOMENTS – Boosts your ability to knock down shots in tight situations. A significant advantage is given to shot attempts made in the final minutes of the fourth quarter or during any overtime period.
Shots taken near the corner will benefit from the CORNER SPECIALIST skill. A boost is given to deep mid-range or three-point shots taken along the baseline of the court, regardless of whether they are taken off the dribble or after a catch and shoot.
A DEADEYE is a defender who has the ability to reduce the impact of a closeout defender. Taking jump shots while a defender is closing in on you will result in a lower penalty in a shot contest. Both mid-range and 3-point shots are included in this category.
DIFFICULT SHOTS – Enhances the ability to make difficult shots off the dribble while on the move. The shot percentage of jumpers with a high degree of difficulty is increased, including hop steps, spins, stepbacks, and pull-ups.
Improves the ability to shoot post-fades when using the FADE ACE. From any distance, you can use a shot boost to post fade aways.
Increases the bonus awarded for consecutively excellent releases when used in conjunction with the GREEN MACHINE feature. The ability to achieve excellent releases on jump shots multiple times in a row results in a bonus shot boost.
When a player's favorite spots are targeted for a shot, the player's shot percentage increases. Shots that are taken in a player's hot zone(s) are given an extra boost in effectiveness.
Limitless Spot-Up * – Increases the distance from which one can effectively shoot a standing three-pointer.