Jagex developed a user-friendly approach

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Jagex requires you to pay real cash to RS gold get anywhere. Jagex has taken it further than other companies. They have made it illegal to use microtransactions to get an edge in the game. The game would be boring without JCredits.

I personally believe Jagex didn't manage the situation properly when it comes to feedback from users. I'll be explaining this by an example from the real world. Imagine awake at 5 am. You'll turn the light on once you get out of bed. As you are more used to darkness, your eyes will be partially closed, allowing to let in as much that you can. You will gradually open your eyes to become accustomed to the light, and eventually you will be able to take on all that light.

It's a sunny day. Once you go outside the sun will blind you once again. You may again close your eyes and keep it as it is or wear sunglasses. Whatever you decide to do, your eyes will always reflect some of that light.

In the example above, you will open or close your eyes depending on the circumstances. The amount of available light will determine how much light you block. This is an idea I call dynamic filtering, and it is an idea that can be recognized in nearly every aspect of the world.

The problem I see in certain communities of this day is that they create a policy or "filter" in accordance with the current situation and adhere to it for a long period of time. The reason for this is that the world changes rapidly and the community leaders aren't able to change their policies in line with the changing environment.

Jagex developed a user-friendly approach and adhered to the guidelines. In the end, the amount of feedback and users has risen dramatically. Jagex can be compared to widening their eyes and not closing their eyes when a large bundle of light shines upon their eyes. This makes it difficult for them to evaluate all feedback and make all their wishes.

Jagex isn't the only one I have this issue with though. In reality, when community leaders choose co-leaders to lead the community, they are encouraged to create some policies so confusion can be avoided. This is how such policies usually start, but as you hopefully understand now, sticking with the policy or filter for a prolonged cheap RuneScape gold time has a lot of negatives. Sometimes, when activity decreases, sites keep filtering the same amount of light'. This could lead to an increase in inactivity and a lack of content.