OSRS and RS3 differ on battle systems

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So I have not really played RuneScape before. Is your version poor? It seems like I hear talk of people playing with old school RuneScape. I kinda like the concept of collecting ore and smithing equipment to sell to individuals. Is that feasible, or is OSRS gold game in a point where that's really no longer a thing? Its thing in OSRS. It is possible to do it but it won't be"profitable". You'd be creating cannonballs for gain. I guess if you like to role play making weapons and armor then by all means do so but RS3 may be better if you want to create some form of profit.

RS3 reworked its smithing and the end game is created by smithing if thats what you want try RS3. The new variant (rather: original version that's been upgraded) isn't'poor', it is actually quite fun. The two games have different design philosophies. OSRS is slower paced in each facet: slower to degree, slower to travel, slower to destroy monsters. Although it still has stuff, OSRS is more about the journey. RS3 is more about getting you to endgame enjoy a MMO. Some people enjoy this, some don't. But don't get me wrong, it is still going to take you a while to reach endgame at RS3, longer than any contemporary MMOnowhere near as long as OSRS.

OSRS and RS3 differ on battle systems, OSRS becoming much more like sophisticated cookie clicker and RS3 becoming more like wow. Fundamentally, the combat systems are both basically the same - you can still turn off your brain, acquiring phat loot in either game and watch animations. The reason people don't talk about RS3 is due to the big bad boogeyman - micro-transactions. In case you are willing to drop over 10, you can basically buy maximum level in RS3. You can purchase gold like wow tokens. It is viable, a profit will be made by you, but not ideal. It is even more viable in RS3 because of the recent mining and smithing rework.

RS3, the"main" game is merely so-so. OSRS is the sport that is more popular, and it deserves it too as it is more fun imo. Collecting ore and smithing the equipment is not a great way then smithing rune 2h swords is a fantastic money maker to buy runescape gold safe. As the grind to get the levels is long it is often seen as not viable and there are better choices. Collecting ore is a rewarding method by itself. You can smith cannonballs however, the gp/hr and xp/hr is not great. But it's afk, so some folks like it.