Animal Crossing players have begun putting money aside in anticipation of Kapp'n's Boat Tours

Game players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have begun saving Nook Miles in the game's world in anticipation of the highly anticipated 2

Game players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have begun saving Nook Miles in the game's world in anticipation of the highly anticipated 2.As a ferry operator in the first Animal Crossing game, Kapp'n is a green turtle with a yellow ring around his neck.He first appeared in the game as a member of the main cast in 2001, and he has remained a part of the series since then.



The game's most recent major free update, which will be released in the near future, will include a variety of new features that will be added to New Horizons.Kapp'n made a cameo appearance, as did Brewster, who owns the Roost cafe, among other characters who made cameo appearances in the reveal, which featured both fan favorite characters and some new ones.The boat captain Kapp'n will return in New Horizons, just as he did in New Leaf, to ferry the player to various islands on his motorized boat, all while singing a pleasant sea shanty in the background to keep the player entertained.

Participants in the tours, which will take them to a special island animal crossing new horizons bells can only be reached through the use of Kapp'n's services, will be required to pay 1000 Nook Miles in exchange for the services of Kapp'n.The price has been criticized by some players, who have stated that they would prefer the boat captain to accept Bells instead, which are much more readily available in the game world.The fact animal crossing items for sale Nook Miles are earned by participating in various tasks on a player's island in New Horizons is causing some casual players to discover that they will need to devote some additional playtime to the game if they wish to accumulate the Miles required to embark on multiple boat tours throughout the course of the game.

Contrary to Mystery Tours from Dodo Airlines, which are already available in the game, the tours offered by Kapp'n will take place on hidden gem islands, which will have unique properties not found on other tours.These islands will only be accessible by boat and by plane, and they will only be accessible by boat and by plane.Beyondbuying bells animal crossing, players will have the opportunity to discover entirely new flora on islands that are in a different season from their own. This will eliminate the need for players to time travel by altering the Nintendo Switch's system clock, as had previously been speculated.In spite of the fact that Dodo Airlines tours are twice as expensive as Kapp'n Tours, they make use of Nook Miles Tickets, which can be traded between players, resulting in them being the more expensive alternative.Therefore, players who are running low on Nook Miles can simply request that another player drop off some tickets for them, rather than having to wait for their points to accumulate over time as they would otherwise have to do.

It will be possible to earn Nook Miles in New Horizons for those who complete the daily tasks required to earn Miles in preparation for the 2.0 update, but they will only be available to those who make a significant investment of time and effort in preparation for the update.For the opportunity to travel to new islands while listening to the charming sea shanties performed by Kapp'n, despite the fact that some may consider his price to be excessive, it is a small price to pay for the opportunity to travel.