In response to an error it has been reported that a new world has begun giving away free gold as a result of the error

In A buy new world gold, players have long discovered tricks and trapsnew world coins allow them accumulate even more wealth






In A buy new world gold, players have long discovered tricks and trapsnew world coins allow them accumulate even more wealth.

Since its release in September of this year, buy new world coins has been plagued by a sense of foreboding, and it's not difficult to see why. According to Amazon, a new disaster appears to strike the company's servers almost every week, with the company estimating that the number of times this occurs is increasing. The publisher, on the other hand, is solely to blame for the catastrophe that has befallen the company this week, according to the publisher.

In a statement posted on the official Cheap new world gold website, a developer by the name of Lane provided an explanation for what had gone wrong with the game. When the game attempted to recover lost taxes for players who had been affected by previous outages, the problem occurred, which was handled graciously at the time of the game's inception. In his explanation, Lane stated that this was due to a database error, which resulted in extremely large sums of money being awarded that were not representative of the amounts originally intended.

Given that the economy of new world gold appears to be in such peril, they did not want this recent profligacy to have a negative impact on their lands, and they determined that the only option was to shut down the servers and then turn the clocks back.

Consequently, we decided to roll back all characters, companies, and the trading post to 12:45 p. Central European Time (CET), which was immediately before the database modification went into effect.

Unfortunately, things did not go quite as smoothly as they could have, which was to be expected. In the following paragraph, the note continues,

Players who transferred between 12:45 PM and 3:00 PM CET are currently stuck in the character_restore_failure state, which is being worked on to get them out as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are aware of the specific players who have been harmed and are working to rectify the situation as soon as possible,As soon as the situation has been resolved, we will post an update on this page to inform you of the outcome.

According to the most recent update, which was released yesterday, players would wake up with a three-hour amnesia (as well as significantly smaller bank accounts). According to the most recent update, which was also released yesterday, the trading posts, on the other hand, were still not operational at the time of writing.

I'm guessing that 's developers aren't having a particularly enjoyable Thanksgiving break as a result of these issues, which appear to have only affected the EU Central Region servers.