NBA 2K22: Top current generation Shooting Badges for your MyPLAYER

It's possible that you've played NBA 2K22 for a while recently and perhaps you've got all of the NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges figured out.

It's possible that you've played NBA 2K22 for a while recently and perhaps you've got all of the NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges figured out. If you haven't been paying attention there are some Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22 that NBA 2K22 MT Buy have been upgraded in their performance, specifically on the latest generation. This has gathered the top ones you could have installed to your MyPLAYER. Let's review the best basketball 2K22 shooter Badges for the current generation.

The Best NBA 2K22 shooting badges The current generation

For NBA 2K22's current generation players creating a MyPLAYER to be competitive may be difficult, particularly in the absence of the correct badges. This time, we'll cover shooting Badges which will assist your MyPLAYER in being effective in all game modes accessible. We'll be listing them in order of importance, however, it is important to ensure that it will work with the NBA 2K22 model you have as well. If you're trying to figure out what builds you can use on the latest generation, we've got an entire list right here. Let's start with our very first NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge Blinders.


Blinders are quite an interesting shooting Badge within NBA 2K22, it was fixed because it was working too well, however, it's still worth the effort as long as you own it in the Hall of Fame. "Blinders allow jump shots to be that are taken by defenders who closeout from their peripheral vision to suffer an incredibly low penalty." This Badge is particularly useful when you are taking a lot of corners as a shooting guard. It is also useful in the event that you're able to open up by putting an area of the screen. So, when the defender is shut out, you'll be more likely of hitting your target. This is however an S-Tier Badge only when you raise it to the level of HOF.

Missing Expert

It's the NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge is ideal for players with smaller bodies and is perfect for the new Playmaking Shot Creator. It's also a Badge that was updated during the NBA 2K22 update. "After switching players with the Mismatch badges will experience a greater chance of success shooting over the larger defender." It is important to remember that to qualify for the Shooting Badge, your MyPLAYER must be below 6'4" But the height you lose will make up with your shooting skills. It is also important to step up the Badge as high as you can. Gold and Hall of Fame would be the best option.


We believe that Sniper is the top NBA 2K22 shooting Badge you can attach to your MyPLAYER to play the current generation and the next. It's a universal boost for your shot, regardless of badge level. "Sniper allows shots that are taken with a slightly late or early timing to be boosted, and shots taken later or earlier are penalized more." The trick is to be regular with slightly later or earlier shots. It is possible to use the correct Jump Shot Animation to help with this in NBA 2K22(NBA2king). You can choose to use Sniper to Bronze or take it all the way until level up to Hall of Fame. Each badge level represents 35% more the amount of money you can. It is ideal for novices or veteran Basketball 2K22 players.