The patch notes for Diablo 2 Resurrected Update 2 can be found here along with additional information

As a result of the most recent patch, which is currently version 2

As a result of the most recent patch, which is currently version 2. 3, a comprehensive list of the changes and improvements that have been made to Diablo 2 Resurrected has been compiled.  It is also available for a variety of consoles, including the Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the PC version of Diablo 2.  Generally speaking, the patches are the same across all platforms, and they all include new gameplay features in addition to bug fixes and other improvements to the overall game experience.



Below is a comprehensive list of every change that has occurred in Diablo 2 Resurrected since the game's initial release in Update 2. 3.

In the following section, we will go over the Diablo 2 Resurrected Update 2. 3 Patch in greater detail.  IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY

A new option for offline games, the Game Difficulty Scale, has been added to the options menu, and it performs the same function as the previous /players debug command.

It has been made easier to use, and the graphic quality has been improved.

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The addition of an additional visual indicator for when a character's attack misses an opponent in PvP (please refer to the options menu for instructions on how to enable the Miss Text functionality).

As a result of this, the pathing for player summons has been significantly increased.

If mercenaries, summons, and pets are located too far away from the player's character, they will warp to the player's location and attack him.  This is done in order to keep them from becoming socially isolated.

A cutscene will no longer be skipped if you use the directional input from the joystick while playing on the Nintendo Switch system, according to Nintendo.


It has been ensured that a proper error message is displayed in the event that the game is unable to retrieve online characters from the server in order to prevent this from happening again.

Following the deletion of a character, the character selector will no longer jump to the top of the list; instead, the character selector will progress to the next sequential character in the list after the character has been deleted.


After exiting the map and returning, Madawc the Guardian reappears in a T-pose separate from the statue.  This was caused by an unknown bug in Act 5, which has been fixed.

The projectiles fired by catapults were not displaying correctly due to a bug that has been fixed in this update and that had been previously discovered.

An issue with the visual effects for the NPCs Talic, Korlic, and Madawc not always being played correctly was resolved by a team of developers and designers.  We also fixed a problem where the Overseers's bones were visible through the mesh at the third level of detail, which was causing confusion.  We also addressed a problem where the skin did not dissolve away to reveal the skeleton after the Overseers died at levels two and three.

Occasionally, after passing through a portal, it was necessary to re-run the opening animations, which was a rare but annoying issue that needed to be addressed.

Some platforms experienced a visual issue with the ambient lava splash visual effects, which has since been resolved by the game's developers.  We were successful in resolving the situation.

According to the developer, the issue where certain assets in lower detail settings appeared to be distorting has been resolved.

Corrections have been made to the issue where the exploding cow appeared to be unexploded after it had exploded.

It was discovered that there was a problem with the water plane animations in some well shrines, which caused them to extend through the walls of the wells.

We have resolved the issue where players were able to partially fall into the ground or float above the ground in certain areas of the game.  It has been determined that the issue with secret objects being incorrectly highlighted in certain areas has been resolved.

This update addresses a previously reported issue in which some assets would disappear incorrectly while still visible on the screen.

It has been resolved that some assets had distorted geometry at lower detail levels, in addition to a number of other issues.

Several issues with ground planes in Act 4 were resolved, including one that caused them to extend beyond their defined boundaries in some instances.

The presence of fixed visual artifacts in fog in Act 3 is possible but is not guaranteed to be present.

The intensity of the red light that emanates from the Throne of Destruction has been increased in recent days.

The ability to resolve a variety of texture issues and graphical bugs has been achieved.

An issue with The Monastery's rooftop section was fixed on the Nintendo Switch, which had been missing due to a glitch when the game was first released.

The discovery that certain structures in Arreat Summit were partially invisible as a result of an error was the catalyst for the problem's resolution.

During the course of Act 3, it was discovered that entering or exiting buildings could cause a significant shift in lighting.  This has been rectified.

In Worldstone Keep, Diablo 2 resurrected runes there was a bug where multiple instances of the same pillar would render on top of each other.  This was fixed.  When playing Arreat Summit, there was a bug that caused players to be able to see a large gaping hole in one of the map's corners.  This was addressed in the following patch.

There were some assets that were missing as a result of a bug that has since been resolved.
A previously present bug in the game caused the Necromancer's Dim Vision VFX to stretch when teleporting, which caused the VFX to stretch.  When continuously casting Inferno or Arctic Blast, it is possible that an issue with animation stuttering will arise. . We were able to resolve the situation.    A bug where the Necromancer's Dim Vision VFX would stretch when teleporting to a different location has been fixed.

There was a problem with the weapon animations being delayed when Flail weapons were equipped to a Druid, but this has been resolved.  A problem with the Assassin's Phoenix Strike visual effects was resolved, which prevented them from remaining on the screen for other players after the charges had been depleted.  The Fire Golem death VFX of the Necromancer's Fire Golem, which appeared to be offset from the corpse's position, has been corrected.   The Fire Golem death VFX of the Necromancer's Fire Golem, buy Diablo 2 resurrected Runewords which appeared to be offset from the corpse's position, has been corrected.   There was a problem with the Necromancer, which has now been resolved.

There was a problem with the Wolf and Dire Wolf summoning visual effects, which was causing the poly-storming to occur.  We were successful in resolving the situation.

Due to a bug in the animation system, flail weapons held in the hands of Sorceresses, Barbarians, Necromancers, and Assassins were not aligning between different animations when they were switched between them.


When using a controller, there was a problem with the audio not playing properly in the Options menu when using the diablo 2 Resurrected Items Xbox S's default settings.  We were able to resolve the situation.    When pressing R3 on a controller, there was a problem that prevented the audio for auto-filling the belt from playing.  This has been resolved.   Whenever Diablo spawned in an existing game that contained a Classic character, the game experienced an issue that caused the voice lines to loop endlessly.  We were able to resolve the situation.    When pressing R3 on a controller, there was a problem that prevented the audio for auto-filling the belt from playing.  This has been resolved.  

During the transition between Legacy and Modern modes, there was a glitch that caused the music to be reset to the beginning.
Wkly resolved.