The Selah Report

Speak Lord Speak Prophetic Utterances By Minister Patricia Ford

Speak Lord Speak

I am waiting in your presence

Whats on your heart God?


Believers its time to step up and take the power, authority and dominion  that Jesus came to give us! By speaking forth the word of God, so that His word will not return to Him void. For He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. Walk in the finish work that my Son gave you. Don’t allow what Jesus came on earth for to be in vain, for I say that greater works shall you do. It will not come automatically, but My children who I called in My name must step up and be My people, be My holy nation, My people that I have set apart to do the work that is left for the end time purpose, to be disciples on the earth, telling of My coming and My goodness. The world will not be unified until the children of God come together as they did in the book of Acts, unified by one voice in agreement and with power, authority, and dominion that I have given to you, to take territory of the enemy. Stop waiting on ME, I am waiting on you take your right standing in Me, I have released ALL power, authority, dominion to you. Stand up, be bold and courageous, for I haven’t given you the Spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I have given you everything that you need that pertains to life and godliness. Put on your full armor to stand firm against all the adversaries attacks, that tries to come against My word and My people. Speak forth My word like never before . Hold fast to your confession of faith for My word will not return to you void but will accomplish ALL that I sent it to do. When you declare and decree a thing it shall be so In My Son Jesus name.

Stand up today take up your power, authority and dominion I have given unto you. Go do My work.

Saith the Lord