The Ripple Effect Daily

Who’s woke and watching and who is sleep.

Now that society is in the woke stage, who is watching who? The government is watching the citizens, the state is watching the people. The city is watching the residents. Now we are watching each other. It's all the same. What does "woke" mean!? Woke, cancel, censor, it's all in effect now, but how did we get here. My two cents is that when there is division among the people it continues to divide. And it divides exponentially. We have allowed it with passivity, and the let this pass and we live to fight another day attitude. No, we must stop wrong in its tracks and challenge wokeness. It's so bad when we can't define what the definition of woman is, or go with simple and obvious biology. When we watch people clap and award a person who slaps another person on a national stage, we descend and divide. Let's tell people the truth for a change, and stop just watching from the sidelines. Many of us truly do know right from wrong, up from down, good from evil. How about wise counsel and morals. How about common sense. How about dignity and respect. Life ain't fair, so adapt and overcome, and you can. You can't silence and control people, although trust me that is the goal of the elites. We now analyze and presuppose from a human point of view, instead of a biblical one, and that's the problem. No problem can be solved from the same level if thinking that created it.  Biblical principles  takes us to that place and level. It's the real wake up call, the real wokeness, and the real means by which we all get out of this dream that is effecting reality. We need to stop watching people sleep, claiming that they are woke. They're not even close to being woke so let's wake them up biblically. Silence is consent. Stop being watch people sleep and let's again, wake  them up.