We've revealed the Lost Ark Roadmap for April and May which we've broken down for your convenience

One of the topics covered in this edition is the introduction of a brand-new class called Glavier (which is also known as Lance Master in other editions)



One of the topics covered in this edition is the introduction of a brand-new class called Glavier (which is also known as Lance Master in other editions). Glavier is also one of the subjects covered in this edition.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me when I learned that the Glavier would be the first post-release class, as I had previously assumed the Destroyer would be the first. Despite the fact that it came as a pleasant surprise, Glavier's inclusion in the game's western release had been widely anticipated due to his popularity as one of the most popular KR versions. Thus, his inclusion in the game's North American release is a welcome addition. The fact that they went with the more popular option rather than the less popular option turned out to be a fortunate coincidence. I was starting to be a little concerned. A more mainstream class being included in the game instead of the Destroyer would have prevented the Destroyer from gaining much traction and from making any significant contributions to the cheap lost ark gold's player retention. As a result, Smilegate has established a precedent by demonstrating that they are more than willing to rearrange class releases if they believe that doing so will be beneficial, which is an admirable demonstration of the company's ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Player's will be introduced to a brand new continent, South Vern, in this piece of content, which will include a more detailed storyline, more honing materials, and more combat experience than the previous piece of content. Contrary to popular belief, higher-level Chaos Dungeons will not be released alongside this continent, despite the fact that their inclusion is required for the release of future raids and other content. Smilegate, at the very least in my opinion, failed to provide any justification for their decision to close their business. They would prefer, however, I believe, to emphasize horizontal progression and assisting players in catching up and progressing steadily to tier 3 rather than solely focusing on vertical progression. As the number of players in tier 3 increases, the likelihood that they will suffer from FOMO decreases, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will continue to participate in the game. Despite the fact that I do not believe this is a significant issue in the grand scheme of things, I am confident that some of the ilvl 1415+ players will be disappointed by the decision.

It has been confirmed by Blizzard in their May update list that the Destroyer character class will be the next to be released in World of Warcraft, following the Warrior class. It will also be the second class to be released after that. However, one thing is certain: Trial Guardian raids, as well as other types of raids, will become a regular feature on our weekly schedule in the not-too-distant future. Once again, this is a substantial piece of content that, when combined with other rewards such as card packs, will provide a significant boost to our material gains, which will be used to further our skill development and advancement. Combating an ilvl 1415 guardian is a difficult task to complete in a short amount of time. Because of the nature of the raid Deskaluda, I don't believe it was necessary to go into detail about it in the previous roadmap post. In fact, I believe it was unnecessary to do so. The easiest guardian raid in the game, if not the easiest guardian raid in the game, is currently available at the time of this writing. Because of how relaxed the fight is in comparison to Velgano's fight, lost ark gold is a popular stopping point for many alts in Kingdom Rush 3. By comparison, the difficulty of Velganos stands out as being unusually difficult. The fact that it is listed on the official website as a tentative update does not rule out the possibility of its release by the end of May. It was only possible because of the widespread use of this feature in previous versions of the game that it was included in this version of the game.

Another significant advantage of Valtan, as well as of Legion Raids in general, is the ability to resume your previous activity as soon as you step foot into the raid zone. This is especially true of Valtan. This represents a significant competitive advantage for the organization. Similarly, you can communicate with people who are in the same phase as you at any point during the week – regardless of whether or not you are in the same group as they are – and at any time of day or night.  Similarly, you can communicate with people who are in the same phase as you at any point during the week – regardless of whether or not you are in the same group as they are – and at any time of day or night.  In reality, this only applies to the Legion Raids and not to any other instances in the game, despite the widespread belief that it does so as well as Argos.

However, even though I recognize the gravity of the situation, I believe it could have been handled more efficiently and effectively in my opinion. However, the raw detail left me wanting more because I had expected a little bit more from the film as a result of my expectations. This expansion pack's most irritating features are the absence of 1415 Chaos Dungeons and the use of the word tentative in the title, both of which I find offensive. For me, this is acceptable because I understand why the developers made the statements they did and because they, in my opinion, place a high value on transparency. Before the content is made available for viewing on the internet, it is likely that there will be a slight sense of unease, but this will not be overwhelming. Another question is whether the Better Book of Coordination is used across all content or if it is only used in Hell Modes, which is something I am not entirely certain of in either case. Consequently, the game is practically worthless until Hell Mode is made available for purchase in a future update. If the former is correct, then switching between Chaos builds and custom build configurations would become significantly more convenient and automated as a result of this.

The announcements will serve as the primary means of disseminating the information contained within them, and the supporting events will be held in conjunction with them in order to further this objective. Please get in touch with us if you have any information about how the log-in rewards will look and feel. As a result of their performance over the past two months, I anticipate that they will produce even more Tier 3 materials in the coming months, as well as additional assistance with cards and life skills materials in the future. Without a doubt, some sort of 'event' will take place that will aid our Glaviers in their pursuit of Tier 3 status and allow them to advance even further. Because the vast majority of serious players have already progressed to Tier 3, there are only a limited number of opportunities to obtain Tier 2 materials available at this time. For the next two months, I'm cautiously optimistic, and there are certainly a number of promising developments to look forward to, as I've previously stated.