The Ripple Effect Daily

What is going on that we hate America?

Why is it that we now have grown to hate our country. Is it that we have be taught to do so. Racism seems to be the buzz word of the day. I know it exists. But why? We try to blame each other for our whoas. We hate the White man, we hate the Black man, we hate the Jewish man the Chinese the Japanese and the Hispanics, and on and on. The problem is, we all live right here in America. For the most part we get along. Where does the hate start or stop. Only one answer, it doesn’t. We base so much on written history and what we see in this now video and information era. But what about what’s not written or on video. So much of what we do and how we think, even about one another is manipulation. There is so much more to human history than what is written. There is no perfect race of people. We all are immigrants in this land we call America in particular. Whether by hook or crook we are here. Trace back thru any of our long lasting heritages and you will find horrors beyond your imagination well before America was founded. We can’t blame  where we are now on a past that is full of evolutionary development in thinking. Then seek change by today’s standard the thinking of the men that lived many, many years ago.  Example: Some cultures sacrificed thier children to idols. How far should we go back into each of our histories and find fault and abominations, all of them have them. Now we are in modern times reverting back to our animalistic and midevil behaviors, instead of working together to punish by law those who dishonor our collective agreement. We are allowing the voices that scream the loudest to prevail. Professing themselves to be wise we have become fools that we may be wise (Romans 1:22). Right is right and wrong is wrong. This is God’s land America, there is a church in nearly every neighborhood. Regardless of how America was formed, we are all here together, one Nation under God indivisible. The most powerful, prosperous and best place to live on the planet. Don’t hate where you live and don’t destroy what God has done. Focus on the Creator and not the creation, because that is what we have done.  

“If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, seek my face, turn from the wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land”


Short Sweet to the point.