The Ripple Effect Daily

What if tomorrow never comes even though you’ve made plans.

 I know that we should always have future plans in place, goals set to achieve, vacations lined up and people to see. But what are we doing today to plan for a tomorrow that may not come. We take so many things for granted. In this “Ripple Effect” series I will talk about some of everything. So all subjects will be touched. I recently had a unexpected loss in my family, my mother.  It was like here today gone tomorrow type of thing. It’s was a loss like no other. A hurt like no other.  We had made plans the day before on future events to attend. My today starts now everyday without her. Bottom line is you can plan for tomorrow but know that it  may not come, but you can enjoy today, laugh today, and love today.  She had a plan “B” in place and so do I for tomorrow. Heaven is real and so is the Word of God, so make plans to get there like all your other plans. Because what if tomorrow never comes for you. Make sure all is in order today. 

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