Easy Way to Farming Elder Scrolls Online Gold

Gold Farming Guide might sound a bit weird because you are farming materials, but after all you will later on sell the materials and make gold that way.

Welcome to the very easy and efficient gold farming guide for Elder Scrolls Online. The method involves you farming materials, which you can either directly sell or refine and then sell the materials. Gold Farming Guide might sound a bit weird because you are farming materials, but after all you will later on sell the materials and make gold that way.

Daily Quests

Let’s look at one of the easier ways of making gold. Daily quests are probably the best possible stable source of income for new players. Enforcing a habit of completing them every day is a great starting point. They’re not that time-consuming and they’ll reward you with some valuable items. Income you’ll get out of them won’t be that high, but it’s still worth it. Daily quests give players an option to earn a quick buck without having to overthink it. That’s what they’re in the game for. Why not just make use of it?

Grind Resources

The advantage of ESO is that you can passively accumulate handicrafts in the handicraft bag. All you have to do is to walk everywhere. Pick food from the table and shelves. Search, barrels and crates. Dig treasures and rare mushrooms in dark caves and hostile camps. Forage stray logs in the woods, and explore the waterways, making the shimmering Nirnroots sparkle. You may accidentally accumulate items that other players want to buy. The most important thing is that when you use it, you will find coveted craft themes and recipes.

Of course, if you want to collect materials like a professional, it is important to harvest as many resource nodes and pick up as many scattered items as possible before returning to town. In addition, each visit to the respective station should deconstruct all spare equipment parts and signs. Don't sell them to NPC merchants!

Flip Items

Whether it’s the low-key Baandari hawker who tells you in the / zone chat room or the forum, the player economy of The Elder Scrolls Online is still home to Tamriel’s hottest capital. For novices, the only problem is that ESO does not have a centralized market, which understandably throws away the veterans of traditional MMOs such as World of Warcraft. In contrast, each member of the guild can post up to 30 lists (single items or items or items sold directly) in its guild store, which is only visible to other members of the same guild. If the guild wants its members to sell to the rest of the world, it must hire guild merchants. Any NPC merchant from which random players can purchase items.

Public Dungeons

Our personal favorite method to get gold in Elder Scrolls Online has to be public dungeons for eso how to make gold! Now, we must tell you that these public dungeons are more difficult than your standard, open-world enemies. This is due to two reasons: the quantity of enemies you face will drastically increase, as well as the difficulty to beat them increasing.

These public dungeons contain encounters that spawn around 5 enemies at once. These groups of enemy spawns have short respawn timers – so stay on your toes! As you make your way through the public dungeon and eliminate enemy after enemy, you’ll be raking an intake of gold far higher than slaying any enemies out in the open world. For example, imperials are found the most in pubic dungeons. What does that mean to you? Well, imperials drop more gold, more often! Therefore, it’s quite important that you can target these imperials. The dungeons in which they can show up are: The Vile Manse (Reaper’s March), Crimson Cove (Malabal Tor) and Razak’s Wheel (Bang’korai). So, make sure you’re doing those public dungeons, to ensure that you encounter as many imperial enemies as possible, so you get the most amount of gold as possible.

Additionally, we recommend that you equip your character with weapons that can deal damage to their surroundings, called area of effect weapons (AOE for short). For example, weapons such as the destruction staff, and bow are great for these occasions. You’ll also need an area of effect suitable skill, such as Volley (Bow), which, as the name suggests, launches a volley of arrows at a specific target location (within a radius of 5m) for a total of 8 seconds. Or if that doesn’t suit you, you can go for the elemental storm (destruction staff), which builds a storm at a target location (within a radius of 8m) for a total of 2 seconds, and then in a fury, unleashes damage for a total of 7 seconds to those enemies in the targeted radius. Or you could go for the wall of elements (destruction staff), which, where based on the staff element, an 18m by 8m zone is created in front of you, and all enemies in that zone get damaged drastically. Lastly, you could try your luck at the impulse (destruction staff), which is quite simple in that it deals damage in a 6m radius around you against your enemies.

If you are a low level however, we do recommend doing these public dungeons in a group, for eso how to make gold. This is due to the chances of you surviving at a low level being drastically low, which can be unprofitable when you are elder scrolls gold making! Before you start your public dungeon, ensure that you have repair kits in your inventory. The last thing you want in the middle of a public dungeon is your gear to be damaged, and no repair kits available to keep on slaying. Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that someone on your team has a merchant assistant, to quickly sell off items you collect during your time in the public dungeon. This is due to your inventory filling up very quickly with all the items you obtain. Leaving those items behind is simply throwing away gold! Expect to net around 30,000 gold per hour in a public dungeon – which is very respectable!

The templars, sorcerers, wardens and dragon knights all have skills that suit this area of effect damage very well. Let’s have a look at them for eso how to make gold! First up, the templars have a blazing spear attack, which sends down a shower of damage in a specific 8m radius, for a total of 8 seconds. The warden has the impaling shards attack, which calls upon shards of ice in a specific 6m radius, over a duration of 12 seconds. The sorcerer creates a massive storm in a radius of 4m for 6 seconds, with the lightning splash attack. And finally, the dragon knight can breathe an aggressive fire in a cone of up to 10m in front of you, dealing both instantaneous damages, as well as damage over time for a duration of 8 seconds. For those who prefer to go for night blades, although they are great for direct damage, they lack in the areas of area of effect damage, which is what is really important in public dungeons.


One of the most specific features of MMORPGs as a genre of video games is the giant market of goods driven partly or completely by the players. No matter if it’s a piece of armor, a weapon or anything else, you will be able to sell it on the market. This allows players to become experts at trading and earn gold just by making good deals. This is also the case for ESO. The biggest downside to this method for the new players is the requirement of some starting capital.

The bigger the amount of gold you can invest, the more potential profit you can count on. Of course, there’s some risk involved, for someone to make money on the market, there has to be someone else who’s losing it. The general idea is to take advantage of the players who don’t know the market or those who don’t care about the prices and just want to get rid of their items as soon as possible. Your goal is to find and purchase this stuff and then sell it for profit.

There are others looking for those bargains so you have to be quick, smart and a little bit lucky. We would recommend using some add-ons that were designed specifically to help with this stuff like Master Merchant. You might find them useful. Also remember, you will only be able to see your gold gains after your items are sold, so be patient.

There are many different ways of Farming ESO Gold. Use those that match your playing style to increase the pleasure of earning. Be patient and try to mix a few ways of earning to constantly increase profits. If you can't be bothered however you can always buy ESO Crown Crates from https://www.igvault.com/ESO-Items . Doesn't matter if you are a Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Warden, Dragonknight or Necromancer - we got you covered.