My concept for another Animal Crossing game

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I recall a New Horizons Items moose or/and Grey wolf which has been a jerk, but after some time I started to like him being a jerk, and also the times that he had been candy were special.

Villagers in Japan always were sweet, which later on this was corrected and they became more similar to what the japanese version is.

I would like villagers who could be assholes. Or villagers who are their own people. Make me feel like these are actual personalities, not just artsy cookie-cut satisfaction bots given for me to play with.

The English translation wasn't loyal at all to the original, but man was it good. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed they re translated the translatSo my 60 year-old dad plays Animal Crossing with me personally. Now, he excitedly told me that the villagers were calling his daddy. He believes they love him so much, they think of him because of their daddy. I really don't have the heart to tell him that I set his nickname to"Dad" months ago

My concept for another Animal Crossing game

The original No Man Sky was among my favorite games alongside Journey and New Leaf. This could be a fantasy come true for me

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I feel like it should've been locked to start with. This is not to move against or encourage Biden, but politics just don't belong in this subreddit. It's off topic, usually results in only shit flinging from tons of people and Cheap Animal Crossing Items isn't what anyone comes for.