The Ripple Effect Daily

Today is the day of the valley of dry bones.

It's amazing what is happening today  now that we are all face with so much uncertainty. We have corona virus, rioting in the street, fires, tornado, hurricanes, and floods. Why? I can tell you why.  Once the mind of man gets corrupted, everything else goes to chaos. "A nation that forgets God will turned to hell"  It's not that you forget  God, but have lost your zeal. You may have your own personal relationship with him. But why are you being watered by the world and not the Word. A Sunday word is not good enough.  With the world you will thirst again. Because it will leave you dry. Not only you but also your friends and family who are like minded. They will be dry and brittle well. No life,  for the world that needs to be watered by you. You should be planting and watering. You live while the world is full of dry bones.  They are drinking from a dried up brook. Can these dry bones in the world live.  The problem is, they drunk from the fountains of man, so they continually thirsted, but are never satisfied. What's the end game with removing the statues? What's the end game of burning down other people's businesses.  What's the end game when trying to change a man's heart of hate through legislation, like hates crimes, thought crimes, and word crimes. Now they, our leaders talk about micro aggressions and gender pronouns (he him his she and her)as being wrong. Why have we allow ourselves to be walked into this dry valley. There is nothing there, no life and  no love. Can these bones live?  Not if you have the like mind, in agreement with what caused the drought like the separation of God and man in the public square. No washing by the water of the Word. These bones of America can live again. We must speak to the bones, love on the bones, prophesy to the bones. Watch what happens when we apply the real water to society and the real reason for life and living. Get out of the valley of dry bones, thirsting and agreeing with things that have no real substance. Stop listening to the echos of the current empty vessels that are seeking to satisfy and unquenchable thirst that is strictly related to their flesh. With the right water, a exceeding great army will arise and turn this world to right instead the dry wrongs.

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