Major changes in Runescape's paradigm have happened

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Full rune with OSRS gold gaunts and serker shield. Complete d'hide (d'hide coif optional, never really noticed a difference) and anti-dragonbreath shield. Maple longbow (sighted) and rune scim are the main weapons, using a shortbow for unarmoured or lightly armoured targets. Kayle's sling and crossbow with bolts for idiots trying to pull dumb tricks on me. I soundly overcome every staker my level (and always beat people up to 10 levels higher than me) unless they're rune-wearing mages or builds like mine, both cases where I provide them a run for their money.

Yes I understand magic level can be higher, but I can't say that I actually care, in the moment. I've heard a rumor that higher magic levels in general lower the amount of magic damage taken, however, so training it higher (without leveling hp) via large alchs or teleports would most likely be helpful in the long run. My principal concern are three variables: the scope I must train range, attack, and defense.

I won't be leveling strength up anymore; power is unecessary in staking and that I believe I've trained it up too much today. Currently, I'm training attack to stay informed about range just enough so as to not affect combat level, which can be pretty straightforward. I had optimally like a staker at about level 80-85, where rangers achieve their deepest relative to meleers going mad all out on att, str, and def. However I'm unsure what my shield level should be from the time I get to cb 80-85 (and remember, the more defence I train the less attack/range I'll have compared ). Anybody want to throw a few suggestions regarding this and any other aspects of my staking build?

Major changes in Runescape's paradigm have happened

I've been looking at the forum, and I can say I'm amused at all the members who could believe that simply because we do not wish to squander 6 dollars to article on the forum means we're noobs that don't deserve to live. I laugh my ass off at all of the members who impersonate f2pers that try to ask for free stuff if their trying to make us look bad, and frankly, they should not be permitted to post. I'm going to destroy their most important points. F2pers only want more things. In the time we get level 72 in all skills, we begin to realise that won't occur. All the posts that come from this point are just OSRS Money members wanting to create f2pers appear bad.