I feel as though maybe they're holding off it until Spring

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I don't think that is Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells too strange. Out greatest storage again.Fr and that I cant add a new home Rn when I'm terraforming.

Oh my Gosh they really introduced new eye colors and skin tones... was hoping for this for quite a while, did not think that it would finally happen for Halloween!I just made a haunted path for my island which was kind of lacking, this would be perfect!I only got the game for my birthday a few days ago and my complete dream is to have the spookiest, most haunted, many goth island of them all, and this can help a lot. I am so excited.alloweens gonna be weird for southern hemi players since cherry blossom begin around that time.

It's probably not that bizarre unless you're in the NH IRL with a SH Island. I mean, Summertime = Christmas to me.I'm so happy individuals in this subreddit are excited about this update since the constant whining on twitter (before the upgrade was even announced!) Was beginning to get me down

Seriously hoping some quality-of-life fixes are in the works and simply left from the movie since They Aren't exciting or sexy

I feel as though maybe they're holding off it until Spring, since the current store has decorations for each season and Summer and Winter have exclusive seasonal things at the corner. They need us to view all the seasonal changes for the store till they provide us a fresh one. They need us to spend some time with this version, before they do another upgrade. NH has not seen the Winter version yet, and SH has not spent time together with the Summer variant.

New horizons is my first game, but I'm very excited about exactly what folks have told me about the holidays that occurred in the approaching months!IDC about anything else but farming, therefore seeing the buy Animal Crossing Items very first version of it being implemented gives me enormous hope for the future.