What's the Different between Rattan and Aluminum Furniture

When it’s time to update your backyard design, there is much to take into consideration. It can be challenging to find outdoor furniture that’s stylish

When it’s time to update your backyard design, there is much to take into consideration. It can be challenging to find outdoor furniture that’s stylish, durable, and within your budget. Two of the best available options are Garden Lounge Set and metal patio furniture. Check out this breakdown of both types to help you make an informed decision for your home.


Aluminum furniture usually is cast in one piece – if you’re looking at aluminum products that have been bolted together, then don’t expect longevity, as aluminum can deform rather easily under heavy weight. Because of the casting process, it’s possible for metal furniture made from this material to have fine detail.


Because it’s metal, it’s essentially a sturdy material, and given the light weight of aluminum, can be moved easily. It can be very resistant to extreme weather, and if your taste is urban or modernist , then aluminum furniture is perfect for you.


There are some “hidden” disadvantages to aluminum furniture, given that many people consider the material the best for all sorts of situations.

Many of the disadvantages have to do with the material itself. First, while aluminum is a metal, that does not mean that it is as sturdy as, say, iron. Depending on the design, aluminum deforms easily under weight, and even if it can be pushed back into the original shape, don’t expect it to have the same strength as before, given the stress marks. And that’s assuming you can even put it back in shape – Aluminum, just like many metals, has a breaking point, and in this metal’s case, it’s easy for stress and continuous use to get to that point.

Also, not all aluminum is truly weatherproof – you have to look for the ones with a special powder coating. Even then, prolonged wetness or high humidity can easily promote rusting on aluminum, and this has to be treated immediately.

Finally, the very lightweight can be a disadvantage in bad weather, particularly if strong winds are involved. Of course, the more expensive aluminum furniture should be able to withstand such forces, but you will definitely pay more for that.


Although rattan patio furniture traditionally is made of twigs, or similar materials like rattan, the term comes from the way that the furniture is made (material weave, in a rough sense), rather than the material itself. As such, rattan furniture can range from old-style furniture made from natural materials to modern rattan furniture made of artificial rattan weave material, and may sometimes even have a metal frame for the basic structure. rattan furniture is typically treated with a few coats of clear varnish.


Traditional rattan furniture have a very forgiving structure when it comes to weight distribution, and as such can “mold” itself to the average user. While it’s true that some designs become uncomfortable after long periods of use, a simple cloth or cushion will do wonders. Even better, properly designed rattan furniture can allow air to pass through, for a more air-cooled feeling.

As rattan furniture now incorporates resin as a material, this also makes rattan furniture water-washable and much more able to withstand extremes of weather. And given that artificial materials have less “nooks and crannies” for dust and pollen to hide in, a good periodic washing down will ensure that the furniture won’t have hidden issues for people with allergies.

Finally, it’s a given that a few strands in the weave will have to be replaced due to damage or eventual wear and tear. In such a case, it’s a good idea to source replacement material in advance.


rattan furniture, unlike aluminum, does need some care and maintenance if it will be used as outdoor furniture – extra layers of varnish and lacquer, to be retouched every year or so, are required for it to last under sunlight and extreme temperatures. You probably have to schedule the annual brushing (if it’s made of traditional materials), or wash-down (if it’s made of artificial materials) with the retouching too.

rattan furniture made of traditional materials will also need some attention in terms of mold – humidity is the factor here, though it can be solved with regular annual retouching of the clear coat.

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