Its Competition And Survive A Lot More Years

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Progression and adaption is key to all things in existence, but with RS gold technologies it's even more important. You make the point that people have become the dominant race through changing their sorroundings, but that is a really different thing. I really don't know how old you're believe on the last twenty years - we, as technology users, have had to adapt - through the use of VCR to CD to DVD, throughout the usage of distinct interfacing devices (touchscreen is a huge one).

From the world of technology, which gaming falls into, adaptation is nessecary by the end user. I am sure you would rather see Runescape stay up to date with its competition and survive many more years - but using a backward attitude of"no significant updates cos we don't like them" runescape is set to slowly burn out.

EoC isn't actually the issue. To me, it is simply more clicking for exactly the exact same outcome, and the highlight is being able to queue emotes. WoW I use 80 strange keys and there's a minigame involved with working out DPS improvements or working out new approaches in PvP. Although I am an old lover of thoughts commanding foes off waterfalls.

And it is birth is precisely the same as SoF, Solomon, etc.. Imposed upon gamers. One Jmod recently published about a poster forums revealing some bugs in BA, that it was good constructive comments. After posters remarked that all these bugs were found and delivered to Jagex in the beta, nevertheless they still made it to live. So players weren't involved in the beginning, some two decades back, nor in the end.

Runescape cannot survive by dismissing players. EVE Online does not, WoW does not. Both of those gave me jaw-dropping service compared to Runescape. So I do not worry about EVE or WoW surviving. "Because it's demonstrated to work" That is not much Runescape 3 gold time to already have traditional panaceas.