The Ripple Effect Daily

What are we doing in the middle?

What are we becoming in this United States of American. On the one hand we have the billionaires and on the other hand we have the beggars. We tend to focus on the two extremes all of the time. Never really understanding  that at the end of the day they both had time and they had their chance. Although some of the billionaires had a leg up, (in most cases) but not in all cases. What they did was make good use of their time, they used their time before becoming a millionaire or billionaire wisely. When I say wisely I mean they thought (imagined) of becoming something bigger and acted on that thought, they lived (gave birth to)that thought, and pursued that thought. They put their mind and time to work on things that mattered and created a demand in society or created a need for something. On the other hand the beggars did not make wise use of their time (time is not kind sometimes) and mind and thus did not exercise that gift of thinking and growing and  developing themselves into some special. Time is a commodity you must spend it well. It will be spent regardless, but it’s up to you to how it is spent. Many of us are stuck in the middle of the billionaires  and the beggars because we stopped in the middle. Not fully reaching our God given potential, then we fall into the trap of highlighting the billionaires against the beggars. They both had their time and they both had their chance and so do we who are stuck in the middle. 

“Never get mad over another man’s money”

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