Its the beginning of the week, What is your plan for success by Friday?

We can almost all agree that Mondays are the worse for us because its the day that lets us remember that our weekend is over. As much as we would love to sit at home another day, we can't, because time waits for no one.  It's a new day and time, so we have to grasp this horrible, getting out of bed, don't want to move and rainy Monday in Texas and grab the life by the horns and get to move on. Why? because business moves are awaiting you, there are things to do, you can't let this oppurtunity pass you by. so get up and make those ideas come to life, work a little easier; but with finesse, Act a little more harder; but with feeling, go to wherever it is you need to go; but with patience... What i'm saying is this: Monday is another day closer to Friday, so do what you need to stay focused and driven toward your own success, Remember that time is on your side if you use it properly. Your Maniac Monday puts you in position for your Talkative Tuesdays....Sam Jamaca Anderson Sr (said that)