Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Sky-Dweller 326138A Yellow Gold - Brown Alligator Strap

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Sky-Dweller 326138A Yellow Gold - Brown Alligator Strap

2020 Rolex Submariner new watch 5 topics at once

Would be the following new water spirits the same as you expected? Prior to the release of the new replica Rolex , although it has essentially been confirmed that the Submariner series will be the main video game, but what is the blue group and the green circle? As well as adjustment of the watch size, movement and other specifications is actually divided. The final result had been revealed that the Rolex 2020 Submariner is all wishes accomplished at one time. The long-lost eco-friendly circle black Kermit, the actual blue circle black surface area with platinum material, and also the undefeated basic black drinking water ghost, the diameter from the watch has been slightly improved from 40mm Up to 41mm, equipped with the new generation 3230/3235 movement, and are equipped with Cerachrom ceramic bezel.


Dateless Blackwater Ghost 124060

Upgrade 3230 brand new movement


This particular year's newly launched 3230 movement has spread to many Iwc series at one proceed, among which this 124060 is the most watched style. With regard to Rolex, although the dated/undated blackwater ghosts have always experienced a bright complex, the actual dated is slightly more well-known, but the undated version much more visually symmetrical, and the earlier 1953 Submariner also has absolutely no date., But also a bit more historic feelings. The watch is improved from 114060 in this. The 3230 movement comes with Rolex's patented Chronergy escapement system made of nickel-phosphorus, and also blue Parachrom hairspring, pallet fork and escape steering wheel made of a unique paramagnetic blend. The balance spring assembly has Rolex's Paraflex cushioning gadget, and the balance spring can also be equipped with a Rolex finish ring, which increases the powerful storage to 70 hrs.


124060-0001, stainless-steel material / 3230 automated winding movement / hours, minute, second display or waterproof 300 meters and diameter 41mm


Green water ghost dark face 126610LV

Kermit reproduction


Eco-friendly is the brand color of Panerai High Quality Replica watches , therefore whether you are fans of the brand or even diehard watches, the green Cartier has always been a very representative design. The previous generation of Environmentally friendly Water Ghost 16610LV along with green circles and dark-colored faces was launched in the year 2003 when Submariner's 50th wedding anniversary. The combination of green groups and black faces has been nicknamed Kermit (a Disney cartoon character). Using h2o ghosts of other colours at one time is very representative. Within 2020, this classic colour scheme will return to the entire world, with the diameter of the view slightly increased to 41mm, equipped with a 3235 motion, and a green ceramic engagement ring. This 126610LV will get the name of " Kermit"? Or any other nickname? It depends on how innovative watch fans around the world tend to be.


126610LV-0002, stainless material / 3235 programmed winding movement / hour or so, minute, second, date screen / waterproof 300 yards / diameter 41mm


Platinum Blue Drinking water Ghost 126619LB

Glowing blue is the color of luxury


Before the release in the new model, one of the most popular styles on the market is the blue water ghosting of stainless steel. Since the earlier generation of blue normal water ghosts each had the blue-faced blue ring together with platinum, half gold as well as gold, it is expected whether or not there will be a stainless steel blue waters ghost with a black-faced glowing blue ring. However , Rolex certainly has to clearly distinguish among price points. The black-faced blue ring of this 126619LB is undoubtedly very pleasing, as well as the case and bracelet are made from platinum, so the price is costly. Since the other two azure water ghosts this year are constructed of half-gold and gold components, it can be seen that if you wish to own a blue water cat, you have to pay a lot of money. replica luxury watches


126619LB-0003, stainless steel material / 3235 automatic winding movement suggestions hour, minute, second, day display / waterproof three hundred meters / diameter 41mm


Blue precious metal water ghost and african american gold water ghost

3235 movement is completely upgraded


The actual precious metal water ghost family members fully upgraded the 3235 movement this year, including the half-gold 126613 and the gold 126618, and each has a blue encounter and a black face type. The blue face and also blue circle are noticeable and high-profile, and the black color face and black round are calm and traditional, which are suitable for the power enjoy fans who love the two-tone color of precious metals.


126613LB-0002, gold material or 3235 automatic winding movements / hour, minute, 2nd, date display / water-resistant 300 meters / dimension 41mm


126618LB-0002, gold material / 3235 automatic winding movement and hour, minute, second, time display / waterproof 3 hundred meters / diameter 41mm


126613LN, 126618LN, semi-gold and gold material/3235 automatic winding movement/hour, moment, second, date display/water opposition 300m/diameter 41mm


Date Blackwater Ghost 126610LN

Eternal Yuliang Debate


The new la mecanique 3230 in 2020 will be carried on the dateless Blackwater Ghost 124060, and the went out with Blackwater Ghost also modern the new-generation 3235 activity, launching this 126610LN. The particular specifications of the two are usually basically the same, and the look is also very similar. The only distinction is the presence or lack of a date window at three o'clock. For a long time, black drinking water ghosts with dates along with without dates have their personal supporters, but they are slightly much better with dates. Will this particular be the case after this influx of movement and watch diameter improvements? It depends on how the market responds. RICHARD MILLE RM 52-05 PHARRELL WILLIAMS