How do players maximize their abilities in Madden 21 Ultimate Team

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Judging from the current situation in Madden 21, most players have used many MUT 21 Coins to upgrade their team lineup configuration to the highest level. However, although the players’ lineup is strong, it does not mean that they can maximize the strength of each player and cannot win often, which makes some players always feel very confused. EA has adjusted the construction of the MUT lineup some time ago so that players can create abilities according to their own style.

Although EA did not make major optimization improvements to Madden 21's franchise model this year, there are still many new gameplay and features in the game. The concept of Ability Cap is a new concept proposed by EA. Now how to manage this new mechanism has become the key to the success of players in MUT, so what should players do?

The upper limit of the Ability Cap for each ball is 10 points. Although players need to pay a certain AP fee to use the corresponding Superstar function, they can use the X factor function for free. And although players have only three available X-factor skills on both offense and defense, as long as they do not exceed the 10 point limit, they can maximize the strength of each player. It may not seem that easy to do, but in the H2H season and weekend leagues, players who can make full use of the system can really bring tremendous surprises to themselves.

If players want to focus on cultivating a player, then they can devote all of their Ability Points to that player. It would be better if that player happens to be the quarterback. Experienced players in the game will wisely choose the best offensive player in the team as the main trainee. However, players should pay attention not to be too crazy to bet on a player, but they can still spend a lot more than a reasonable share on game production QB.

In short, players must learn to diverge their thinking on the road of how to maximize their players’ ability to find more ways to improve their strength. If they need a lot of Cheap MUT 21 Coins, they can go to GameMS to Buy MUT 21 Coins, which is very affordable. And as the number of players in Madden 21 gradually increases, the competition among players has become more and more fierce, which puts forward higher requirements on the strength of players.