Boruto’s Powerful Awakening And How He Can Save Naruto

Over the years, one thing Naruto mastered is the art of cliffhangers. Whenever something significant is about to happen in the story, the writers leave the chapter on a cliffhanger.

Over the years, one thing Naruto mastered is the art of cliffhangers. Whenever something significant is about to happen in the story, the writers leave the chapter on a cliffhanger.

This cliffhanger writing style was more prominent in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, where the Boruto team was leaving fans on frequent and clever cliffhangers again and again.

The latest chapter in Boruto was remarkable. Not because Naruto activated his new Baryon Mode form, which was impressive as well. But the real reason for this overwhelming response was due to Boruto’s right eye.

The real cliffhanger that captivated the fans was Naruto’s alleged death and Boruto’s new power awakening, which left people speechless as nobody expected Boruto to intervene between Naruto and the Otsutsuki battle to the end.

While defeating Isshiki is basically impossible, Naruto attempts to sacrifice himself to save his only son Boruto and spare Sasuke some time to take Boruto with him. On the verge of death, both Naruto and Isshiki try their best to beat each other in this game of death. While Naruto’s Baryon Mode consumes Isshiki’s life force, he himself is preparing to say goodbye to the series.

The Boruto manga might be giving a lot of quick saves to the villains. At the remaining 10-minute of life force, Isshiki summons Kawaki to the battleground. Thanks to Naruto’s gift of a prosthetic arm, Kawaki is about to be consumed by Isshiki as his new vessel, which will save him in the last few minutes of his death. As for Naruto, the seventh Hokage’s fate is sealed as he cannot form enough Chakra to survive the rapid depletion of life force.

Thanks to the manga’s last page, fans were excited to see the teenage Boruto is finally making some progress as the protagonist of the story. Towards the end of chapter 52, Boruto Jougan’s eyes take over him, or to be exact, Momoshiki Otsutsuki takes over his body as a final measure to save his father’s life.

Regardless of how things are going for Naruto with Baryon Mode, Boruto might be able to save his father from his untimely death. Of course, it won’t be easy because the awakened Boruto will be fighting against Isshiki’s new vessel, Kawaki.

Nobody knows what will happen in chapter 53, but one thing is clear, Boruoto will be standing up to Isshiki with the help of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, of course. However, Naruto has only a few minutes to live as his Baryon Mode has consumed most of Naruto’s life force. Unlike Isshiki’s powers, he cannot change his body to a younger vessel, which will happen soon to Kawaki.

The stage is set, and both the fandoms are looking forward to any new developments in the upcoming chapter of Boruto, which will release on Sunday, December 20th, 2020.

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