What time is it?

Article: Intelligent thought on being you

When you first glance at the clock each morning what is the clock really saying. Is it telling you just the time of the day? Is your internal clock saying get up and get busy on something meaningful and make things happen? So what time is it really? Is time telling you to get busy on you, if not it should be. You only have a limited number of days on this earth so make them count. Time is not waiting on you so don’t wait on it. So even if you are waiting, hustle while you wait. Don’t stop thinking. Make time produce for you. Remember time is a commodity you can’t afford to waste. Time will give you what you want, if you want something and use it wisely. So don’t waste time. So get up, get out, meet people, and do things with your time and it will produce for you, it has to.

Good day